Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dental insurance?

My husband and myself are both looking at getting dentures. We currently have Delta insurnace, but it only covers so much. Is there another insurance we can pick up to help?

Dental insurance?
Yeah $1,000 won't go far these days for dental services.

I suggest to get a supplemental plan. Pick one below.
Reply:Depending on your plan, if you go to a participating provider that accepts Delta, your out of pocket expenses will be very low or non-existant!

You can look up that info online.. just go to the Delta site, and you'll eventually get a list of participating providers in your area...

Just be aware that there may be a six-month to a year waiting period for dentures through Delta.....especially if it's through AARP.

Best of luck!
Reply:Good evening,

My name is Juanita. I am a representative of AmeriplanUSA. We offer a discount dental program that can cover your entire household totalling $19.95/month. The Dental Plus package includes dental, prescription, vision and chiropractic with a savings of up to 80%. There's no waiting period and no limits on your visits. If you have any questions email me at For more info visit my web site at: My contact info is on my site.

Enjoy your evening!
Reply:Delta is actually a really good dental insurance. I think they usually cover 50% when it comes to dentures. There is a Dental Credit card called CARE CREDIT that almost every dental office accepts. You can apply online or ask your dental office to do it for you. You can read more about it at Care Credit has tons of options and even offers interest free financing for up to 12 months in some cases. Also, most dental offices will give you a discount if you pay your portion of the dentures in full up front. That can save you around $50.00 per set or MORE. Ask your dentist if they offer this discount. Most also offer discounts for seniors, at least 10%. I feel this is your best way to save money.

Getting a secondary insurance is really not worth it. Some secondary dental insurance will not even pay the difference! It gets tricky and its tough to explain. You can email me if you want me to explain it =). The insurance companies will make you sign on for at least a couple years. They do this so that people cant sign up and use $1,000 worth of benefits, pay for just 1 month, and then cancel the plan after they get treatment. Since you are getting dentures, you are not going to need or use dental insurance anymore after so don’t get stuck paying for it for years! Ask your dentist to send out a PREDETERMINATION prior to getting your dentures. This will give you an EXACT amount of how much your insurance company should pay and how much your portion will be. Also, if your dental office does NOT send in a predetermination - Delta can reject the claim for that reason alone and you will be stuck paying the entire balance in full. Its not worth the risk. Delta requires all services over $300 be predetermined.

Supplemental and Discount dental plans ARE NOT WORTH THE MONEY! You can ONLY use them at participating dental offices and ALMOST NO DENTIST’S ACCEPT THEM. If you do find a plan that sounds decent, call local dental offices in the area. Hope that this helps you =).

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