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Dental Insurance for an 18 year old Canadian?

Are there any dental insurance plans that an independant 18 year is eligible for in the province of Ontario? I'm looking for a more localized one in the South Western Ontario region. I am still a high school student. I am hoping to find an independant insurance place that isn't associated with having a job, or being a part of a certain group.

Dental Insurance for an 18 year old Canadian?
Dental plan coverage for individuals is not commonly offered because dental needs are highly predictable. For example, you would not pay premiums for your dental coverage if the premiums were more expensive than the cost of the dental treatment you need. Since this is the case, insurance companies would stand to lose money (spend more on benefits than they receive in premiums) on every individualdental plan they write.

There are, however, a few companies that offer a form of dental benefits for individuals. Most of these plans are "referral plans" or "buyers' clubs." Under these types of plans, an individual pays a monthly fee to a third party in return for access to a list of dentists who have agreed to a reduced fee schedule. Payment for treatment is made from the patient directly to the dentist. The third party acts only in the capacity of matching the individual to the dentist. The dentist receives no payment from the third party other than in the form of referral of patients.

Average Cost Of Dental Care In

All US Cities- Average Values

(Service; Average Fee; Highest Fee)

Preventative Care:

Single x-ray $13.00; $20.00

Bitewing x-rays (4 films) $43.00; $67.00

Complete Series of x-rays $94.00; $135.00

Panarex $91.00; $131.00

Adult cleaning and exam $65.00; $102.00

Child cleaning and exam $46.00; $76.00

Child's topical fluoride treatment $39.00; $52.00

Sealant per tooth $33.00; $52.00

Oral Surgery:

Initial Surgical Consultation $65.00; $131.00

Simple Extraction (single tooth) $98.00; $176.00

Simple Extraction (each add. tooth) $102.00; $161.00

Surgical Extraction $190.00; $268.00

Soft Tissue Impaction $229.00; $320.00

Partial Bony Impaction $324.00; $435.00

Full Bony Impaction $474.00; $599.00

Complicated Impaction $775.00; $1344.00

Panarex $82.00; $141.00

General Anesthesia (per unit) $154.00; $239.00

Surgical Implant Placement $1868.00; $3964.00

Abutment Implant Placement $991.00; $2112.00

These site also have a LOT of helpful information:



Reply:There are a few insurers offering coverage for individuals in Ontario.

You will be looking at premiums of close to $60 - $100 /mo, probably in the higher range of that.

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