Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dental insurance?

If you are looking around for insurance, most dental insurances that you purchase individually is not a great deal. Find a plan that offers the services that you need. I am sure most people will post information for dental plans. If its something urgent that you need, you could try a dental school or maybe see if you qualify for special benefits through your county or state. I wish you the best of luck searching.

Dental insurance?
Do you have good credit?

If so check this out:

It is like having credit card for health care, not only for dental, but for animal health eye care and medical expenses.

they have a one year no interest payment plan that works great.

I have dental Insurance through my Union at work, but had to have a crown and only paid half, so they asked me if I would like to apply for this account and I could pay monthly no interest. It is great, check it out.
Reply:What is your question?
Reply:Well here's a form of dental coverage
Reply:Please add more information. This is not really a question unless you explain.

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