Monday, November 16, 2009

Help with the right dental insurance for me?

I need some sort of dental insurance, just to get me in the door to see the dentist b/c no one will see me without insurance, and i need 2 root canals asap....i have never gotten any type of dental insurance before and i just need some reccomondations on companies that are cheap and resonable, and quick ...thanks

Help with the right dental insurance for me?
You can have dental insurance and still have to pay a lot out of pocket for the root canals. Most of the time they will pay around 50%.
Reply:Dentists will gladly see patients with or without insurance. If you have no insurance, they will expect some sort of payment - just like at the supermarket.

Purchasing individual dental insurance that covers more than you pay for it is unrealistic. How would the insurance company make any money if they pay out more than you pay in premiums? This can only be done in a group plan, were some people won't use the coverage.

Ask about payment plans or outside financing. If these are not good options for you, consider a dental school or a community clinic that figures fees on a sliding scale depending on your income..

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