Saturday, November 14, 2009

Dental Insurance--Is it really necessary?

So, I'm looking into getting private health insurance because I will be leaving my employment soon. I'm looking at dental insurance. The plans I'm finding range from $8 a month with an unlimited coverage amount to $80 a month for a $1000 annual limit. The $8 a month is attractive except for the fact that there are only 3 dentists in the plan near me and they are all about an away from where I live. I've found a local dentist I absolutely love, but he is not on that plan. I cannot see spending $60-80 a month only to get denied coverage over $1000 a year!!!

I have pretty healthy teeth and gums and go in twice a year for a cleaning. I've checked with my dentist and I think that will cost me about $300 annually. It seems like that is the way to go, but I wanted to see if anyone could give me a reason why I really need dental coverage???

Thank you.

Dental Insurance--Is it really necessary?
After you leave your job, you can always use COBRA for 18 months until you either find a new job or get new insurance. If you're not familiar with it, you keep your same insurance but pay the premiums yourself.

Most dental insurance companies have a $1000-$2500 a year plan maximum, but that doesn't mean you can only have that amount of work done. It means they will pay that much towards your dental treatment annually. Checkups are usually covered in full, with fillings, crowns, etc.. covered at a 'usual and customary' rate, usually anywhere from 60%-80%, leaving you with the difference.

Stick with your local dentist since you're comfy with him and his staff. You could always assign benefits over to him on the dental claim form, then you'd just be responsible for the outstanding balance.

Good Luck!
Reply:It's nice to have in case something unexpected comes up with your teeth that costs more than your typical cleaning - especially if you play some contact sport where major damage could occur.

The insurance could also be beneficial if you have dependents who may need braces or not take care of their teeth as well if they are young children.
Reply:Having no coverage means you pay 100% of your dental costs. You could pay less out of pocket expense with a discount dental plan.

Consider saving your $300 with FREE exams, cleanings and x-rays two times annually and savings of up to 60% off routine and expensive dental procedures with discount dental plans. All this plus more without any annual limits or or maximums plus more than 100,000 dentists to choose from.

You can view and compare more than 30 Nationwide Dental Plans, benefits and savings in your area now online.
Reply:If you don't have a big problem with decay, and you're not

planning on braces or anything major like that in the future,

you will come out ahead with just paying for your

cleanings yourself, unless you have kids. They really run

up dental bills! Even if you need an occasional filling,

like one a year, you will still save money paying for it

out of pocket. Most dental plans have a deductible anyway,

so your first cleaning would go to most of that, then your

insurance would probably pay 100% of the 2nd cleaning,

so you're right to pay as you go. Plus you can go to who

you want.

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