Monday, November 16, 2009

DENTAL EMERGENCY...but no insurance...plz help???

So I have no dental insurance %26amp; I got this absess on my gum that hurts like I just got punched in the jaw...I don't know where to go or what to do? Please any advice??? I live in Reno NV %26amp; I have no clue if there are any services that can/will help with emergency dental situations?

DENTAL EMERGENCY...but no insurance...plz help???
Wow, I wish I had seen your question earlier. If you have not YOU NEED TO BE SEEN ASAP. Rinse with peroxide every hour. And if you are worried about $$ go to HAWC clinic , it is on wells avenue and it is free/low cost they will help you no matter (but it is nice).....
Reply:You could just go to the Washoe ER. All hospitals have on-call Dentists or Oral Surgeons for dental emergencies, and if it warrants it, the on call physicians will call them for you or send you to a local dentist who will aide you.

Good Luck!

Also, in the interest of options, the loan company I used for my wife's dental care was called "Dental Care, Yes." I do not work for them, but I have an account with them and have been satisfied with their service and reasonable rates (mine is 11.99%)
Reply:If you call an oral surgeon.. that is where you will end up in the long run and if it is an abcess they will need to open it up and drain it.. they will take care of it for you and work with you as far as your financials go. Don't wait ! I worked for an oral surgeon and if you put it off the abcess can be toxic and make you sick.
Reply:You need to go to the dentist asap! If you have an abscess you could go septic really quick and then your life could be in danger. If you explain to the dentist that you don't have insurance they will be receptive to setup a payment plan.

You have a medical emergency go to a dentist right away!
Reply:do you have a dental school near by. They usually have clinics or have discounts because it is a learning experience for the students.
Reply:If you are reasonably credit worthy here is a link to a card that is easy to get and is used just for medical and dental care- most dentists accept it too.

No I don't work for them, I have used the card in the past though for dental emergencies, you can apply online and if approved they give you a card number and credit limit within seconds, that you can use right away at a dentist office

They can even tell you what dentists in the area you live, accept the card.

I have had an abscess and I have also used Care Credit at the chiropractor. The credit card ended up charging me a ridiculous amount of interest.

Abscesses need to be taken care of quickly (as if you had a choice anyway, with all that pain.)

Check out the link above. I can get you a discount dental plan and you can get your member # immediately. We can check the providers in your area and get it done! I am a broker and I think that the pain you probably have is the worst that I have ever felt and I have chronic back pain!

The plan is $20/mo. and covers chiropractic, vision and prescription as well as dental. Contact me with questions. Good luck!


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