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Wisdom teeth/dental insurance question.?

I need to get my wisdom teeth taken out, and I just lost my job that gave me dental insurance to cover it. The Procedure costs 1,800 dollars...I could pay for it out of pocket but I was wondering if it would end up being cheaper to purchase my own dental insurance policy and get it done that way? any help would be great, also, does anyone know of cheap dental insurance for a 19 year old male? I don't know what matters with dental I don't know if it would be cheap or not. Thanks!

Wisdom teeth/dental insurance question.?
Are there any dental schools around your area? The reason I ask is because a few years ago I needed to have my wisdom teeth taken out immediately because they had developed cysts around them and they were in danger of rupturing. I had no insurance either mdeical or dental and I wasn't making much money so I called the dental school here in Dallas, Texas which is the Baylor College of Dentistry and I found out about a program that they had. I went to the college and filled out an application and a few days later someone from the college called me in. The school has this program in which dental students that are in their last year of dental school need patients to practice on. So the school screens patients and assigns patients to dental students who provide dental care at a very minimal cost. The students work under the supervision of several dental doctors who supervise them. I had an actual dentist remove my wisdom teeth. He was studying to get his certification in orthodontal surgery. The entire cost of the surgery including x-rays, anesthesia, and post op visit to the doctor was $750. It is worth a try calling around and asking. Plus the dentist was really nice and they did a really good job.
Reply:No medical insurance is cheap these days, especially if you're going to pay out of pocket for your own personal plan. If you have the money to pay for the procedure out-of-pocket, then it would be in your best interest to do so. However, if you think you've got dental problems other than the wisdon teeth, it would be better to have an insurance plan so costs won't accumulate up the road.
Reply:some dentist have insurance you can buy from them .Its like $50 a year but it covers most your work. I had the same thing and My bill was $800 for 2 upper wisdome teeth. But my $50 insurance covered 90%. call around see if anyone in your area has this. like dentle associates LTD
Reply:Its soo funny. I went to the dentist for the 1st time in my life last year. Im 28. My dentist said had better teeth than people who have been coming all their life. And she was surprised I had all my teeth, including wisdom. They hurt growing in, but their in. If you're going to pay for dental insurance get some with medical too.
Reply:WOW thats expensive. If you can afford it just pay for it as most insurers don't pay for "pre-existing conditions" until a policy has been in place for 6 months.If you just lost your job, you may should be able to hold on to those benefits if you pay the full premiums yourself for 3-6 months, check your local labor laws and may be written into your former companies policies.

Otherwise what I have done with my wisdom teeth is fire fighting. Did the first one at a dental college for about $75, 10 years ago when I was broke and young.

I have done one this year for $330, insurance covered all of it but $30. I will have the other two done of the course of this year and into the rest. I always take about $1200-$1600 out in a Flexible Spending account each year for the tax break and to cover the out of pocket expenses on these things.
Reply:If your employer offers COBRA, you can extend your insurance for a few months by paying the premiums yourself. It's not cheap, but the only way you can have dental insurance cover part of your oral surgery.

Otherwise, individual dental plans are a joke. The so-called "dental discount plans" often sold by internet-based pyramid companies rely on dentists who discount their fees. You won't find many oral surgeons willing to discount substantially what they can do for full price.

You can get a loan through Care Credit or Dental Fee Plan. Most general dentists and specialists will have information on these health-care credit cards.

Oh, and if you can do it - have all 4 out at once. It's a headache to keep coming back and having the pain/healing process 4 times instead of once.
Reply:please try these
Reply:The best you can hope for is a 20% discount from a Dental Discount plan (see ) or maybe a reduction from a schedule of fees. Most good dental plans do have oral surgeons associated with them. Individual dental insurance normally excludes pre-existing for 1 year or limit major services. You might have luck with a dental hmo because the often start from day 3. try

good luck

Reply:Just like any other insurance, dental insurance isn't cheap if you're paying for it all yourself, which is why most people who don't have company sponsored health/dental insurance are uninsured today. Another thing to consider is that most policies now have waiting periods for work that isn't considered preventative(cleanings, exams, x-rays). They're in business to make money, just like everyone else, and waiting periods are one way to do it. Or, if you're getting the extractions done by a specialist, a regular dental policy may not cover it, since many defer oral surgery over to your medical policy. Most dentists offer options like CareCredit, which, given the cost of your procedure, can give you 12 months to repay the balance with no interest charges. I've been in dentistry for 12 years, and something like that seems like it would be the best option for you. Good luck!
Reply:Dental plan coverage for individuals is not commonly offered because dental needs are highly predictable. For example, you would not pay premiums for your dental coverage if the premiums were more expensive than the cost of the dental treatment you need. Since this is the case, insurance companies would stand to lose money (spend more on benefits than they receive in premiums) on every individual dental plan they write.

There are, however, a few companies that offer a form of dental benefits for individuals. Most of these plans are "referral plans" or "buyers' clubs." Under these types of plans, an individual pays a monthly fee to a third party in return for access to a list of dentists who have agreed to a reduced fee schedule. Payment for treatment is made from the patient directly to the dentist. The third party acts only in the capacity of matching the individual to the dentist. The dentist receives no payment from the third party other than in the form of referral of patients.

Average Cost Of Oral Surgery In

All US Cities (Average Values):

(Service; Average Fee; Highest Fee)

Initial Surgical Consultation $65.00; $131.00

Simple Extraction (single tooth) $98.00; $176.00

Simple Extraction (each additional tooth) $102.00; $161.00

Surgical Extraction $190.00; $268.00

Soft Tissue Impaction $229.00; $320.00

Partial Bony Impaction $324.00; $435.00

Full Bony Impaction $474.00; $599.00

Complicated Impaction $775.00; $1344.00

Panarex $82.00; $141.00

General Anesthesia - per unit $154.00; $239.00

Surgical Implant Placement $1868.00; $3964.00

Abutment Implant Placement $991.00; $2112.00

These site also have a LOT of helpful information:



Reply:Most of the individual insurance are quite expensive and you have to be enrolled, for at least one year. Wisdom teeth removal are mostly covered under medical insurance, provided that they are partial and full bony impaction with general anesthesia.

If I were you, ask your ex-employer that you want to be enrolled under COBRA . It's a law for employer, to offer insurance for ex-employee. Have COBRA coverage for one month and make sure to maximized your health plan. TRUST ME...
Reply:Usually dental insurance costs a lot. You also have waiting period, deductible, etc, etc with some of them.

But if you would like to save about 40-60% on your bills, you can get a plan for just $11.95/mo. With that you will get three additional Benefits.

Check out the web site 'ev1wins' on my profile and get the details.

You can sign up on line and use it immediately. But please make sure you have Dentists in your area by checking up under 'Provider Search'.

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