Monday, November 16, 2009

Should I drop my lame dental insurance and go to the dentist today?

I don't have health or dental insurance from my work so I bought a dental HMO from Dental Health Services a year ago when I needed a root canal. Come to find out they paid ten dollars for the office visit and like 5 out of 35 for the xrays. THATS IT!!! Meanwhile they have been milking my account for 20 a month. I have a bad toothache that needs treatment but coud wait till monday when my selected physician may be able to treat me. But I tried to call her office all day Friday but no one ever answered or returned my message even though they where open. Seeing as to how my insurance covers almost none of this should I just go to the dentist today and pay out of pocket? I think I have a couple cavities...If I wait till monday I might just end up being told they can't see me until later in the week. This dental insurance costs me more than it helps really considering they pay for very few of the procedures and the little they do pay is 1-5%

Should I drop my lame dental insurance and go to the dentist today?
Most insurances cover the costs of xrays and fillings, that's it. Visits require a copay of $5-$45. Most don't cover root canals or expensive procedures 100%. You would have a copay. Before cutting it off, I would contact them asap and see what the copays are. If they covered part of ur root canal, they would cover what is bothering u now. Even if they do only cover 1-5%, it's still better than paying 100% out of pocket. Also call to see if u can switch to another dentist asap since this one seems not to want any business. Then ask if they offer emergency services for ur toothache. I would use the insurance first.

If all else fails I would just cancel it. $20 seems about right. I pay $40 here in CA with an employer and my husband pays $25 without one (higher copays). Check out Most have dental too. Good luck!
Reply:wow, just buy some orajel until monday sorry! but dont waste your money
Reply:You have a horrible plan. Dental discount plans (not insurance) are a better idea. See which plans are available in your area by keying in your zip code at

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