Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dental Insurance?Dental Insurance?Dental Insurance?Dental Insurance?Dental Insurance?

Hi im looking for a good form of dental insurance that will cover multiple root canals. Whats affordable? Im also wondering if i could do a co-insurance thing with my jobs provided dental insurance which sucks by the way. I know that for the most part that i pay out the ###, buy the only other alternative is to go to Mexico . thanks for any advise!

Dental Insurance?Dental Insurance?Dental Insurance?Dental Insurance?Dental Insurance?
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Reply:Dental insurance purchased as an individual is almost always a waste of time. Insurance companies know that most individuals trying to purchase a policy need significant treatment, and the benefit level is very low as a result.

You might be better off speaking to the benefits manager at work--if it is a group policy it might be possible to upgrade if employees are willing to pay a little more. You are usually given one chance per year to change policies, and the calendar year is ending, so you should check now.

Steve Bornfeld, DDS
Reply:Have you tried dental plans instead of dental insurance? Usually dental plans have less requirements and they are more tolerant and flexible when it comes to paying for your dental fees. Also with dental plans you don't have to go through the hassles of claiming with your insurance company, which sometimes can be a real pain. You can find out more about dental plans here if you want:
Reply:Most dental insurance plans cover $2,000 or less in bills per year. Root canals are normally expensive, so you may find plans that cover 2 or so in any given year. Co-insurance often works with health insurance but depending on your company rules, may not work with dental insurance. Check out to find many different plans and options. Good luck on finding the right plan for your situation!
Reply:Dental Insurance is tough, because most individual dental plans require you to go through a waiting period before you can actually use the services for major work done. Usually that waiting period is about six months. You can get dental insurance quotes using this website: http://www.affordablehealthinsurance4me....

Just fill out the information as if you were looking for health insurance.

Hope this helps,

Rich Warren

Insurance Benefits Consultant
Reply:If you have a pre-existing condition, your dental policy will not cover it. Also, there is a 3-month probationary period, in which your policy will get terminated if you get major work done. So if you are in pain, this will not work.

Your "alternative" plan may have been thrown out in jest, but it is actually a very good plan. There are many great dentists in Mexico, often U.S. trained and with the latest equipment. Look into places like Nuevo Progreso, and always check their credentials with U.S. and Mexican dental boards.

Look, when a filling is about $30 in Mexico, and about $150 here, you have to take this possibility seriously. I had surgery in Costa Rica, and I can personally testify that south-of-the-border health care is NOT inferior to what we have in the U.S.! I found the patient care SUPERIOR to what we have here...because the insurance company did not dictate what care I received....

Also look into dental schools in your area. I'm in Houston, and our family goes to the UT Dental School, and it's either free, or about 1/3 the cost of a dental office.

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