Saturday, November 14, 2009

Help with dental insurance?

I had dental insurance and a few weeks before my wedding last year i went to the dentist and was diganosed with begginging signs of paradontal disease, and that was a year ago, also i had like 4-5 cavaties and needed a deep cleaning thing, however by thte time the insurance took care of it, i was married and lost my insruance, and no idk what to do. I have no dental insurance and my teeth hurt, and i can't afford to go to the dental schools, i know about the dental discount plans but those really arn't that cheap. Are there any places i could apply for something like carecredit, they wont approve me and my husband on 22,000 a year, i really need help =(

Help with dental insurance?
I know of a great dental plan that is cheap and has no waiting periods. Most insurance companies make you wait 6 months before they cover major stuff, but this one does not. Plus you can see any dentist. It is a comprehensive dental plan, not a discount plan. We had applied for care credit in the past and were only approved for 500 bucks, but you could see about getting a co-signer on the app that might up your credit limit.

If you wanna check out the dental plan, its and you can apply right on line. Good luck to you. I know the agony of sore teeth!
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Call your health plan and find out if they cover your condition. Many health plans cover certain conditions. Your cavities are going to be on your dime, but perhaps something can be covered (the periodontal disease)

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