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I have a question regarding dental insurance & getting help?

I've been told i am going to lose all my teeth within ten years. Well, those ten years have probably came and went. I have gum disease and need oral surgery. I'm also very, very, very fearful of dentist. the times i've gone they've had to put me to sleep. Well, i'm going to lose all my teeth and don't feel i'll be able to go on living. i'm only 45. I need a plan to try and get my life back. I'm in pain now, have been for over a month, and i keep popping advil, motrin, aleve, probably too much. what can i do to get health insurance or a dental plan that covers surgery and can help me get a set of teeth? cause i imagine i'll lose them all, there's too much bone loss not to. I'm scared, cause i know i can die from infection if i don't do something soon. anybody got an answer or sugestions? please don't be cruel, i'm already an emotional wreck.

I have a question regarding dental insurance %26amp; getting help?
You're not going to be able to escape this problem without throwing down some cash, and facing your fears. I suggest going to and picking out a discount plan, which may help lower the cost of oral surgeries, and dentures. Also, if you go to a general dentist who does not use general anesthesia, you will save yourself a lot of money. Also, i recommend signing up for CareCredit, which can be found at This is a health care credit card, which can help you break down expensive procedures into monthly payments. CareCredit and discount plans are not accepted everywhere, but both website will help you find a dentist who accepts their product. I understand your fear of the dentist, however, sometimes in life we have to face our fears, and you will find out that going to the dentist is not that awful. Everyone has had bad experiences, etc., but you need to remember that the dentist is there to help you. If you feel pain while the procedure is ongoing, TELL THEM. They will not continue if that is the case, but they are also not mind-readers! Hope this helps a bit, and I urge you to do something about this problem, because doing nothing is only hurting you.

If you can't afford dental insurance, do you think the dentist should give you a small discount?

If you don't have dental insurance, tell me how you can ask the dentist for a small discount or if he should give you a discount.

If you can't afford dental insurance, do you think the dentist should give you a small discount?
Hey Jewel,

I am a dentist and if a person pays for the service in full on the same day I render it I will give them an 8% discount (Only 4% with a credit card as I have to pay the 3-4% for credit cards used in my office). I don't do this for insurance patients because I have to collect the insurance payment directly from the insurance company and that takes a couple of weeks so I don't receive payment the same day. One person suggested Care Credit for financing treatment and that it a great suggestion. I don't work with Care Credit but I work with the Dental Fee Plan through Capital One which is very similar and I'm sure your dentist has some institution he or she works with- just ask them. I don't consider it tacky when a patient asks for a discount as long as they do it tactfully. Just say something like "Do you have a discount for cash patients?" Believe me cash patients are my favorite patients. Insurance companies are a pain in the butt to deal with and I have to take a discount when working with them, so I sure don't mind to do it for my cash paying patients. BUT...I DON'T GIVE THEM A CASH DISOUNT UNLESS THEY ASK FOR IT.

Dr. R.

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if u can afford something u should not buy it
Reply:if you don't have dental insurance you can sit down and discuss this with your dentist. chances are they won't give you a discount but many have affordable payment plans or something called a 'sliding pay scale'. both of which make it easier for someone of lesser means to afford the dental care.
Reply:I don't think that they have to but I do appreciate when they do.

Just ask if they have discounts for non insurance holders; mine gives me a discount but then I go to him because we are friends. Before I went to my friend I went to a dentist that gave discounts to non insurance holders.

Open and honest.

You are not asking for free work. Just a discount, lots of different places will give a discount if you ask. Do you get mad at people for negotiating the price of a car?
Reply:you can get adiscount dental card online, only 35 dollars save alot of money.
Reply:Dentists are in business to make money too. I would never dream of asking a dentist for a discount unless I had been going to that dentist for a long time and had built up a rapport, a relationship with them. And even then, I believe I might be too embarrassed to ask.
Reply:You should not get a discount. Try going to a dental school, they do work for cheap and sometimes free.
Reply:my dentist did for me, my insurance ran out for the year and i needed 2 rootcanals and 3 wisdom teeth pulled he said dont even worry about it, he did it for free! you can ask by saying i dont have any insurance is it alright to make payments then he might give you a deal and ask what you can afford. good luck
Reply:Usually if you have to ask, they aren't kind hearted enough to do anyway. You need to ask around. My friend's dentist always gives her a discount because he knows she's a single mom. Just find out who the jerks are and the nice guys are before you go.
Reply:No. If I can't afford food I would never ask Safeway for free food.
Reply:Sadly, they probably aren't going to give you a discount. Billion dollar insurance companies however, DO get a discount. Go figure. If you need to have the dental work done, try setting up a payment plan. It would at least make it a little more managable.
Reply:A lot of dentists will give you a discout. Just ask them if they have special rates for uninsured patients. I do have dental insurance and can tell you that for the most part its a crock. I just started using a company called CareCredit that helps finance dental work. You can get a line of credit from that will allow you to get what you need done and pay it over a couple years if needed. They also will show you dentists in your area that accept that payment option. It's worked well for me considering without it I wouldn't have been able to have dental work done even with the insurance! What a joke it is.
Reply:Actually,just by not carrying dental insurance,you are already getting a discount. Most dentists compensate by charging patients who do have insurance more than someone without insurance. They actually charge the insurance I should say,not the patient. Most insurances work this way. They have to compensate for the loss somewhere and it ends up costing the person who can afford insurance more because the premiums go up or the deductibles cost more.
Reply:Lots of misleading information posted here!

Dental insurance works in several different ways:

PPO, or participating providers - the dentist agrees to discount their regular fees in exchange for belonging to a Network. This "feeds" a certain number of patients into the practice, but the dentist gives up some of what he/she would usually charge.

HMO, or health managed care - the dental office accepts a certain monthly $$ amount per patient. The patient then can get certain procedures done at NO cost and the dentist can't charge any more from the patient. Of course, if the doctor is only getting a set amount, he/she isn't going to to the best, most expensive, or most time consuming work.

Fee for service: the dentist charges everybody the same amount and collects from insurance for those patients who have it. The patient is responsible for the bill regardless.

Most dentists charge what they think is fair based on what it costs to deliver the care plus enough of a markup to pay the staff, maintain the equipment, and take continuing education courses. It takes more time and money to give the best quality care.

If a person does not have insurance, sometimes a "bookkeepping courtesy" is given of 5 to 15%. This is because the dentist doesn't have to wait 30 to 60 days for the insurance to pay, doesn't have to hassle with the forms, etc. This is if you pay your bill IN FULL at the time of service.

Most dentists I know are nice people and take pity on the truly needy - old people, disabled, single moms, etc. People who just want stuff for cheap don't get the same break and I don't think they should.
Reply:If you can't afford health insurance, should the cardiovascular/transplant surgeon give you a small discount?

I perform a lot of work without charging a fee. I am happy to extract teeth, perform exams, take x-rays, etc., without charging for them if I feel that the patient is truly in need.

Dentistry, as a profession, sucks. It's often times difficult work, and patients typically hate us for doing what we are supposed to be doing--taking care of their oral health. Not a single day goes by where I have a patient I have never seen before convey to me in some form their hatred of dentists. We don't get the same respect as physicians do, despite the fact that our education and service to the community are very comparable, and public perception of dentists is generally negative (can you think of ANY television program or movie where dentists were cast as even-keeled professionals?)

We practice dentistry because we genuinely want to help. And that attitude pervades into our daily routine. You may not realize it, but there are things for which your dentist could justifiably bill you but hasn't.

I'm perfectly ok with doing things for free. But when patients come along and use the word "should" with regard to discounts, I find it extremely belittling to what we do, and absolutely inappropriate. We are doctors, not hair stylists.


Should I put my newborn daughther on dental and vision insurance?

Obviously, when she is born in 2 weeks I plan on adding her to my health insurance. However, it seems unwarranted to add her to vision and dental right away. Any thoughts? Also, if not right away, when would you add a new child to vision and dental insurance? Thanks in advance!

Should I put my newborn daughther on dental and vision insurance?
You may not have a choice--some insurance plans require that the child be added when she is born, or she can't be added at a future date at all. If that turns out to be the case, I'd put her on dental now, and skip the vision unless it's extremely cheap.

If the plan allows you to defer adding her until a later date, then you'd want to add her by age 3.
Reply:yes u should cuz my son was only a month old and i had to bring him to see if there was something wrong with his eyes..* hes alright but thats the point u never know if u might have to do that*
Reply:I would add her to vision and dental not so much for the dental part of it but for the vision part of it and also for overall health insurance because not only is there going to be a whole helluva lot of pink eye theres also going to be tons of ear infections.
Reply:Babies don't develop 20/20 vision until they are 2, and before that, the pediatrician can do any necessary checks. Dental insurance isn't necessary, she doesn't have any teeth. I would add them around 2 years of age.
Reply:If you have the choice- I'd hold off. My husband insurance MADE us put all the kids on it when they were born.
Reply:hi check this link its good


Where Can I find good dental insurance?

I need dental insurance that will cover oral surgery, as I have 2 ingrown wisdom teeth.

Where Can I find good dental insurance?
You can only get Delta Dental through an employer. If you already have medical insurance, it will often pay for wisdom tooth removal if done through an oral surgeon. If you do not have it, then I would look at getting health insurance privately that covers it. There really are no 'good' private dental insurance companies... you could try Denticare, American Dental Plan or Ameriplan.

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Reply:You would have to check around on pricing, but from what I have seen, Delta Dental is a good dental insurance carrier.

Where Can I find good dental insurance?

I need dental insurance that will cover oral surgery, as I have 2 ingrown wisdom teeth.

Where Can I find good dental insurance?
Do you have medical insurance? In many cases, your medical insurance will pay for the extraction of wisdom teeth if done by an oral surgeon.

If you have no medical insurance, then really all you can do is try plans such as Denticare, American Dental Plan or Ameriplan. There is no such thing as 'good' dental insurance unless you can get it through an employeer.
Reply:delta dental is good
Reply:Met Life is the best dental insurance I have EVER had. They pay 80% of what they cover and they cover practically everything. Good luck.
Reply:honestly, there isn't really such a thing as good dental insurance!! We have Metlife but getting dental work is still way expensive, especially if you need extensive work such as crowns!
Reply:jeferson pilot.

Any reccomendations for a good dental insurance??

i have health insurance through my job, but they do not offer dental.

Any reccomendations for a good dental insurance??
You have five options with dental.

1. Go without insurance. If you have good teeth and just want the basics you probably don't need any plan. A yearly cleaning and exam and even an occasional filling will cost you less without insurance.

2. Visit a local dental school. You can get many procedures done for a reduced price if you're willing to let them practice on you.

3. Insurance - Depending upon the policy: cost $30-$60 per month. You pay a $50 deductible first, they have an annual maximum that they'll pay per year of $750 - $1500, they have a waiting period up to 18 months for major work and then you're paying 50% of the charges. Example - average cost for a root canal in my area is $829. With insurance you pay $414 after paying 18 months of premium (around $800 or $900). Advantage - you can use any dentist with most plans.

4. Discount plans - Cost - $5-$12 per month. No deductible, no annual maximum and no waiting periods. Also, hardly any dentists will accept the plan and when they do you MIGHT get a 10% discount, which is about the same discount you can get by paying cash. Example - average cost for a root canal in my area is $829. With discount plans you pay around $746. Be very wary of these plans because most are scams. The people that sell these plans have little or no knowledge about health %26amp; dental insurance and do not need a license to sell them. The plans are not regulated by the state so you have no recourse when you have problems. Some states are starting to ban these plans from being sold. Here is an informative link concerning these plans.

5. Fee for Service discount plans - Cost $7-$15 per month. No deductible, no annual maximum and no waiting periods. Many dentist will accept the plan (check providers first before signing up with any plan). When you use the plan there is a set fee that the dentist will charge you. Example - average cost for a root canal in my area is $829. With fee for service plans you pay as little as $404.

I'm an insurance agent and my personal plan is the fee for service plan. I got mine here specifically the Aetna Dental Access plan but which one you get depends upon your area and comparing the fee schedule to find the best for what you need covered.
Reply:Its hard to get individual coverage with dental insurance.

There are lots of companies that have so-called "plans", but they are just discounts, not actual insurance, so be careful in your search.

Delta Dental does offer individual in some states.
Reply:Have seen a good directory on this topic:
Reply:Tracie is right, a good dental plan is hard to come by. Try Barry's plan: Get a big jar and empty all the change out of your pockets each night into it. As long as you don't eat too much candy, you should have enough stashed away for your next tooth ache.

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Does anyone know of any dental insurance programs that cover braces?

I am looking for any dental insurance program which covers the highest percentage of the cost of braces. Does anyone have any suggestions, companies, or providers they know of?

Does anyone know of any dental insurance programs that cover braces?
First, you should understand the concept of "dental insurance".

Companies sell policies and collect premiums from a number of individuals in a group. The company is profitable only if more people pay in than use up in benefits.

If you, as an individual, buy an insurance plan for ortho coverage, it's for sure you will use it and it would make no financial sense for the company to pay out benefits.

Bottom line: you just can't pay less for benefits than a company would pay out.

Good news is, most orthodontists take payments. You'll need a substantial amount as a down payment, but the balance can be paid out over the course of treatment. Look for ads in your local paper or phone book. Payment in full could net you a substantial discount if you have a cheap source of credit. Many orthodontic offices use credit agencies such as Care Credit or Denal Fee Plan to help their payments get the treatment they need.
Reply:Good question. I'm 20 and getting braces next week. Since I'm over 18 my regular dental insurance doesn't cover it, but my dad has some program at his work called "execu-care" (I'm not sure about the spelling). Supposedly they are going to cover all of it for me. I don't know anything about the company, but you should look it up if you can.
Reply:well the company i work for saves you up to 80% of ortho work (yes thats braces) and teeth whitenings and cleanings xrays etc etc

youd have to check with one of the dentist thats a provider to see just how much i know its definitely over half around where i live. its only 11.95 a month too so its affordable and you get vision (lasik surgery eyeglasses contact etc) precription and chiropractic care included with that cost! i can email you the info and you can check it out for ureself. its a legitimate 15 yr old company and theyve saves alot people alot of money however i cant solicit on answers so you can email me and put in "dental"in the subject and ill send you the link...ok?

vc .net