Saturday, November 14, 2009

Why does dental insurance no longer cover kids when they turn 18 and not in college?

my parents dental insurance wont take care of me because im 20 and not in college. my parents can't afford to pay for my college education and I refuse student loans because only kids that are going to college to be doctors can pay student loans back on time with thier expected salary.

I need root canals, and like 4 crowns and recently I noticed little dark marks behind/inbetween my three front bottom teeth! like where I floss.

im so angry I wish dental insurance was free for young people like me or that my parents insurance would cover me...only my dad works and he has so many bills and can't afford to pay for my needed dentist work without insurance.

my only choice is to wait seven to eight years when my boyfriend earns his masters plus he is going to law school for 3 years till I can go to the dentist. that sucks I can only brush my teeth and floss and pray for a miracle.(I also should eliminate sugary foods and drinks for 8 years)

Why does dental insurance no longer cover kids when they turn 18 and not in college?
don't depend on your boyfriend. Who knows if you guys will be together(I know you're gonna be together forever). Been there, done that. Anyway, if you do wait til he's done with school there a very high probabilty that it will be too late. Go to a dental school and while your at it get to school yourself. This is 2007. I can't believe I'm hearing a 20 year old say she's gonna depend on her man. Believe me you'll feel better about yourself if you go to school and can support yourself. What the heck would you do if, God forbid, something happened to your boyfriend and you had to step up to the plate or worse. You're a grown woman! Get your act together and pay for it yourself. Otherwise, (not trying to be funny) you'll end up a toothless loser. I just being realistic. Get your sh** together girl and start taking responsibilty for yourself.
Reply:It is up to each contract to determine when they discontinue coverage of children. Many use the age of 18, because that it is the age when you are considered "emancipated" from a legal point of view. I've seen some go to age 21 without any regard for student status. If you are still a student, it assumes that you are still dependent on your parents. This not the real reason, so you can't use any sort of logic to argue it. The answer is simply that they don't cover you because they don't. They are in business to make money, so they drop you from the plan in order to control their costs.
Reply:It does suck that health care is not available for anyone who wants it in this country. For now, the system depends on private insurance, and now we're talking about a "for profit" industry.

Why should other people pay for your care? You are old enough to get a job - a job with health benefits - and you don't want to take advantage of student loans. Your parents can't afford to support you, but you want other people to pay the price of your health care.

You can wait for your boyfriend, hope your parents will support you...or here's an idea: support yourself and not be dependent on anyone.

I'm not unsympathectic to your situation, but you seem to expect others (parents, boyfriend, insurance industry) to be responsible for your needs. Where is your own responsibility for your teeth? Not going to school? Work two jobs and save up money. That's what the rest of us do.
Reply:Because you are considered an adult and not a dependent anymore.
Reply:you should see if your college has a dental plan. Also, make sure to get regular check ups. If you need root canals and crowns, that means early problems weren't diagnosed or treated when you had insurance. Those type of problems take many years to develop and are more easily treated early on. Good luck and sorry to hear about your problem

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