Monday, November 16, 2009

Can you buy a dental insurance plan on its own?

I am presently on a COBRA plan with my health insurance, which is still ongoing, but my COBRA dental insurance runs out at the end of this month. The company (Blue Cross Blue Shiled) told me that they don't offer dental in itself. I'm presently a student and don't have options through a company. Is it possible to get dental insurance on its own from a provider? I imagine that this is the case, but I was hoping that people could lead me in the right direction!

Can you buy a dental insurance plan on its own?
if you are going to get insurance for yourself (only) you could put the money you would spend on premiums in a savings account and call it dental insurance about 80.00 a month (40.00 on the 1st and 40.00 on the 15th) that is about what you pay to have insurance (unless your job pays for some ) do this for one year ( usually waiting period anyway) then go to the dentist next year and you will have your own insurance and spend it how you want to in the dentist office. and if you don't need work done you can keep building it up for the next year!

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Reply:yes Go to or just type in dental insurance there are all kinds of plans
Reply:Look in the yellow pages for Independent Insurance Agencies and call around.
Reply:Hello! I've asked my dentist about this just the other day because we also don't have insurance through my husband's company. They told me there are some,but it's usually not worth the money,because w/o a company helping pay the premiums,it's too costly.
Reply:I live in Oklahoma and BC/BS here offers an individual dental plan. It may differ from state to state, I'm not sure. Delta Dental offers a few individual plans and I can give you the 800 number. It's 1.800.522.0188 and you can press option 2. They have a couple of different individual plans and again I live in the state of Oklahoma so you may want to look up the Delta Dental in your state and call that number for information. Just type Delta Dental of (state name) in the search bar and it should pull it right up. Good luck, and I can't believe that BC/BS in your state doesn't offer an individual plan. Oklahoma has one.


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