Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dental insurance?

Does anyone know of any good Dental insurance? I don't currently have any provided to me by my work. I don't wish to have that discount Dental insurance. Is there any like a co-pay or percentage (80/20)?

Dental insurance?
Private dental insurance is very expensive and usually doesn't cover pre-existing conditions. But, dental discount plans are very affordable and can save you 30-60% off on the average. Also, most of them cover pre-existing conditions. You can choose from numerous affordable dental discount plans by going to and keying in your zip code to see which plans are available in your area
Reply:Most dental discount plans are a waste; you are better off negotiating for a cash discount at the dentist's office.

Depending on your state and metro area, there are some good plans that provide actual, solid coverage for individuals. Check with an agent that does individual health and dental, locally.

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