Thursday, November 12, 2009

Dental Insurance?

Looking for some decent dental ins. I have some dental through Fed Govt, but stinks. Good grief a root canal cost me 1200 and dentist service was another 300. Who has that kind of money up front for a toothache. I did not want it pulled. I would look real cute witha missing tooth in the front. I need to find some good dental ins. I know no DENTAL ins is great, but has to be better than what I have. Any answeres?

Dental Insurance?
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Reply:A lot of this is going to depend on where you are (remember this is world-wide) and your age, employment status, etc. Try finding an insurance broker, that is someone who represents a number of different companies, who can get you a range of information. You will want to know what procedures are covered, which dentists are covered, what your deductible is and how often you have to pay it, what your premiums are. There are a lot of factors, but a good agent should be able to help you a lot. Good Luck!

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