Saturday, May 15, 2010

What's the difference between dental insurance and dental plans?

I need to see a dentist and don't get coverage through work. I've googled dental insurance, but dental plans keep coming up. What's the difference? and can you recommend any specific insurance or plan? I live in the SF Bay Area.

What's the difference between dental insurance and dental plans?
They are actually the same. Plan sounds better than insurance in a sales pitch. Most businesses offer employees health insurance plans.

Either one can have restrictions, such as requiring you to go to a specific group of dentists.
Reply:They are both the same. I'm in socal now but I used to live in sf. I check out,, and now currently use bluecross. Westerndental is good and offered good plans but I switched because I went to the one on Market st. and was always a long wait. Bluecross on your own is okay, not great. I got the hmo, the ppo has a $1000 maximum. It's great for basic work but for more work it barely covers. Deltadental was really good. But the premium is a bit pricey so I had to switch. If you can get it at your work, go for it, usually they are better than the ones you can get on your own. Also, don't know if you do this but when I lived in sf, I asked the dentist if he can give me a break if I pay cash. Some were really generous, like $500 off so try to ask. Most here in socal don't do that so it's a huge advantage up there. Oh yeah, if you have a specific doctor, check out they have doctor ratings. On a personal note - I miss Sf so much, lol! =)
Reply:Dental insurance has limitations, deductibles and annual maximums and certain dental specialties, such as cosmetic dentistry, are rarely covered. But services like regular check-ups and cleanings are usually free. (have limitations per year)

Dental plans is when you pay membership fees for access to a network of providers offering discounts on most dental procedures.

You might want to search for dentists in your area and see what insurance or plan they accept. Good luck!

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