Friday, May 21, 2010

If you don't have dental insurance, is there some other way ur saving $$ on dental care?

Because it seems like not too many ppl even have dental insurance these days.

If you don't have dental insurance, is there some other way ur saving $$ on dental care?
You can try a dental school in your area. They often use people to practice procedures on (with an professor present of course).
Reply:There are discount programs, that are not insurance, that you can get. A few dentists we looked into used them, and it discounts each kind of treatment/visit. I don't remember the names of them, but do a search online. There was a big website that compared/contrasted the different dental discount programs, and showed you how much each one was annually. They were pretty cheap (like $100 a year). We never joined bc we went with a dentist who didn't take them.
Reply:yeah-you could put your house up for a second retarded as that sounds, Oxford Insurance Company suggested that to my Mom a few days ago when she said she couldn't afford their premiums....irregardless of what Republicans say, I'd pay higher taxes in a heartbeat if it meant my middle-class Mom and Stepdad could afford to see a dentist without putting their house on the line...ROCK THE VOTE!!!
Reply:As has been mentioned above you can try a dental school...

BUT if you know of a clinic in your area for people without health insurance (Like then you can get a referal from them to a dentist that works on a sliding scale.

I can honestly say that if my Uncle were not a dentist then I wouldn't have seen one in the last 10 years...

No health coverage really stops a lot of the "Standard" stuff...

Good luck!
Reply:There are dental discount plans that you can purchase for as little as $6.95 a year.
Reply:I use Ameriplan. It works great. Check it out they have low priced plans to higher end plans. You can check out there plans here
Reply:You might be better off with a discount dental plan. I am self-employed and I saved $420.00 last year with one. I would go to to see which plan is the best for you.
Reply:Check out this website.

They have help me save alot of money on my dentistry work and they have coverage nation wide. Its very affodable with all preexisting conditions accepted.

Good Luck
Reply:You can say that again, and it's one of the most expensive treatments to get these days. Do you know how many people literally don't get regular (and needed) dental care just because of how expensive it is, and because there are not affordable dental insurances out there? I mean, if you don't work for a large corporation that offers free benefits to its employees, your almost crap outta luck. And that's real sad. I had beautiful teeth for the majority of my life. Then, being in my 40's now, my teeth are going downhill because I can't afford "expensive" dental care when the problem arises. Then it gets wors and worse, next thing you know, you gotta get the tooth pulled because it didn't get the care it needed in time. And that's not good - losing your teeth. We need just about every tooth in our head (except wisdom). Trust me, after you've had at least 1 or 2 chewing teeth pulled on each side %26amp; top %26amp; bottom, eating your meal is just NOT the same. You can't chew anymore hardly!!!

We need affordable DENTAL CARE (%26amp; HEALTH CARE) for the struggling %26amp; middle-class AMERICANS ....... Where is our government when WE need them? It would be nice to get some help at HOME, instead of the help going to the other third-world countries, for a change. Now let some Iranians, Iraqs, or Indians come over here from the Middle East, and just look at all the help they get. If most people knew the truth, they would be very angry. They sure get loans a lot easier than we do! And low interest, too. That sucks. There are these dental plans out there, and I've researched a few of them; thank God they do exist. But even if you have one of those plans, it still costs hundreds of dollars for treatments such as crowns, bridges, root canals - the very things that "save" our teeth! Most people are living paycheck to paycheck, and can't afford $200 - 800 for one tooth to be saved, although we want to save it! What are we supposed to do? I've been doing without, and trust me - that's certainly not the answer! I've been looking online for an AFFORDABLE dental "Insurance" (NOT dental savings plan) that pays 80% of the bill, not save me 3% off my bill. That's not near enough savings for struggling Americans.

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