Friday, May 21, 2010

I need some dental work and i dont have dental insurance what should i do because i think ill beed braces??

im 21 and dont have dental insurance my teeth r kinda messed up and off align and i wanna get them fixed because appearnce will contribute a lot in my future career out of school, what should i do because i need to get them fixed.

I need some dental work and i dont have dental insurance what should i do because i think ill beed braces??
There's a company called AmeriPlan USA. They have a great discount dental referral service. It's not a health insurance, per se, but they have a program that gets you EXCELLENT discounts on braces, etc. (For $11.95 per month) They have a plan where you can get braces for about $2,500.00, but you don't have to pay it all at once. You get to pay over time by paying a certain amount per month. They also have vision, health, prescription, and chiropractic plans as well. I hope this helps you!
Reply:I actually know this works because I use this plan myself. Report It

Reply:If you need dental for yourself, with our company it will be only $11.95/month. Family coverage is only $19.95/month and we will cover everyone in your household. For the month of May, we will give you your first month FREE (only the household plan). For more info go to Report It

Reply:They have a credit card used for dental, vision, and vets that you can apply for. It's called care credit. There is no interest or fees so you can do a little at a time and pay off the card in between each visit.
Reply:Go to your local health department. Where I live its an option.
Reply:when i had to get braces on my daughters teeth we had no insurance either. the orodontist had a couple of payment plans and he went over them with me. i took one that i made payments on and the payment swere about $37.00 per month. ask yours he can help!
Reply:most dental work these days have a pretty hefty price tag......fortunately, there are now discount benefits available where you can save from 25% to 80%--it's like having a grocery store discount card and they also come with additional discounts on vision, chiropractic and prescription at no additional charge.

You can see one at put 40456126 in the code box and you can search other sites

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