Monday, May 17, 2010

I need to know the best dental insurance to get?

Me and my husband both need to go to the dentist. I went before my insurance ended with my mom before getting married, and I had alot of things wrong that need fixed. He hasn't ever been to a dentist and has to absess. I need 3 fillings and a mouth cleaning for early signs of peradontal disease or whatever. Whats the best dental insurance to get to cover the high costs of all this. Neither job offers benifits, and money is not a problem, I just need the best dental insurance offered, no matter how much a month. please help! Thanks

I need to know the best dental insurance to get?
The best dental insurance would be one that someone else (i.e. your employer) would pay for!

Seeing how that is not an option, the only two types of dental plans that you can purchase on your own and that would make sense would be a PPO plan. However, the problem with these types of plans is that you would still have to wait at least three months before coverage would take effect, and you would still have to pay some money up front to the dentist for any work you have done. The best place to investigate and or purchase this type of coverage online would be

The second type of dental coverage that would work for you would be a discount dental plan as they have no waiting periods and the savings are substantial; on average between 30% to 40%. However, these plans only give you a discount at the dentist so expect to pay for all your dental services at the time they are rendered because there is no billing with these plans. The best place to investigate and/or purchase this type of dental coverage would be
Reply:Many plans to choose from but get one that pays 80% , If it says " will pay from 20%- to 80%), forget it, it will pay 20%. Also, all dentists are not created equal. Call friends and family for referrals in your area.
Reply:I have ppo and its really good..

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