Monday, May 17, 2010

Health and Dental Insurance For Single Mom?

I am a single mother and i need get health and dental insurance for a little or no cost at all. I ahve 2 children, both on healthy kids gold. I am 46 yrs. old and a smoker. I live in New Hampshire and own a home. Does anyone have any suggestions? Please help.

Health and Dental Insurance For Single Mom?
Best way to do it for a single mom? Find a job that has the health benefits included. You'll never be able to afford the coverage otherwise. It may take some looking and an education upgrade. But it is so worth it!
Reply:Private health insurance costs me $485 per month for my wife and me. That doesn't include dental.

If you are low income then I'd suggest talking with your local Blue Cross Blue Shield to see if they've got a plan for you. Failing that, get a basic "low-cost" ($200 a month?) plan that covers the major stuff and leaves you paying the basic stuff.
Reply:Before you rush into everything, get the book "Healthcare for Less" by Michelle Katz...there are things you may not be aware of when choosing a health insurance plan that will effect the cost such as the cap, preventative medicine, locations, facilities that participate...the book will guide you through the process and define terms for you and help you in choosing a great doctor. I chose to be a part of an HSA after reading the book which is great for someone like me and my healthy family.......I bough the book at Barnes and Noble after being so frustrated about the options and the process. It really cleared things up for me. I heard it is also available on for less expensive...I bought it for $15.95....I hope it helps.
Reply:You probably already know about New Hampshire state health plans such as the ones your children are under, but I have included links below to a description of who is eligible, eligibility requirements, and more the documentation required to verify eligibility for Department of Health %26amp; Human Services programs.

If you want to scan through New Hampshire health plans, try You can view plan information online, but more importantly you can speak to NH health insurance agents. Tell them what you want and see who comes back with the best prices without sacrificing the coverage you need.

You can find MostChoice here:

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