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18 and no medical or dental insurance NJ?

I am about to turn 18 in june 2008 and my parents don't have any type of insurance (medical, dental) and I desperately need it because I cannot afford to pay 100% of the charges. Currently I am unemployed. What schould I do, where do I get information? I don't have any idea where I would be able to get free dental and health insurance. Although I will most likely work by June, it will be part time because I'm still in school so I will not make enough money to buy insurance because it is very expensive. Once again I live in NJ. Please help. I heard of charity care buy I don't know if I will qualify. I live with my parents but they cannot afford to pay for themselves, not mentioning me. I appreciate the help %26lt;3

18 and no medical or dental insurance NJ?
you may qualify for welfare if you fall under the poverty level for WIC. But if you live with your parents who own their own home, you may not qualify. Then you may have to declare emancipation and they will not be able to claim you.

if not, try calling the welfare office for sliding fee dental offices.

The other thing you can do if your credit is good is apply for "Care Credit". This is usually no interest for one year. The credit card pays the dentist and you pay the credit card.

good luck!
Reply:many dr and dentist offices have a sliding scale fee -- what you pay is based on income. call around and ask.
Reply:Go to , then go to a dentist. If not get ready to pay big bucks.
Reply:Start here:

Health Centers provide health and dental care to people of all ages, whether or not they have health insurance or the money to pay for health care.

Check with any college you may attend about their student health insurance.

See if you can get some insurance on your own--recommend a HSA--Health Savings Account--as you will have a lower premium (and higher deductible) but be able to sock money away for when you WILL need it for health care.

SOME places are good with benefits. I hear Starbucks offers even part-time employees group health insurance.

Look for clinics, walk-in at grocery stores, Walmart, drugstores, nursing and med school associated ones, for decent care at affordable prices. Make sure you have your necessary vaccinations up-to-date. If you're seeing a doc now, ask him what he'd charge you for an office visit if you pay in cash at the time of service. Probably will give you a 30-50% discount.

Dental insurance is kind of iffy--if you shop around and look also for dental clinics--you may do better without one. My brother has it and he pays like $500 for a crown. I have a dentist, legit one too, that charges $500 period. You have to do your research.

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