Friday, May 21, 2010

I have a question regarding dental insurance & getting help?

I've been told i am going to lose all my teeth within ten years. Well, those ten years have probably came and went. I have gum disease and need oral surgery. I'm also very, very, very fearful of dentist. the times i've gone they've had to put me to sleep. Well, i'm going to lose all my teeth and don't feel i'll be able to go on living. i'm only 45. I need a plan to try and get my life back. I'm in pain now, have been for over a month, and i keep popping advil, motrin, aleve, probably too much. what can i do to get health insurance or a dental plan that covers surgery and can help me get a set of teeth? cause i imagine i'll lose them all, there's too much bone loss not to. I'm scared, cause i know i can die from infection if i don't do something soon. anybody got an answer or sugestions? please don't be cruel, i'm already an emotional wreck.

I have a question regarding dental insurance %26amp; getting help?
You're not going to be able to escape this problem without throwing down some cash, and facing your fears. I suggest going to and picking out a discount plan, which may help lower the cost of oral surgeries, and dentures. Also, if you go to a general dentist who does not use general anesthesia, you will save yourself a lot of money. Also, i recommend signing up for CareCredit, which can be found at This is a health care credit card, which can help you break down expensive procedures into monthly payments. CareCredit and discount plans are not accepted everywhere, but both website will help you find a dentist who accepts their product. I understand your fear of the dentist, however, sometimes in life we have to face our fears, and you will find out that going to the dentist is not that awful. Everyone has had bad experiences, etc., but you need to remember that the dentist is there to help you. If you feel pain while the procedure is ongoing, TELL THEM. They will not continue if that is the case, but they are also not mind-readers! Hope this helps a bit, and I urge you to do something about this problem, because doing nothing is only hurting you.

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