Saturday, May 15, 2010

What dental insurance covers more and active immediately?

I really need to fix my teeth, root canal and fillings. Any good dental insurance plans?

What dental insurance covers more and active immediately?
Delta and Blue Cross are good but each employer can pick and chose what is covered and how much. For instance, Cleanings, oral exams and x-rays may be covered at 100% but crowns only covered at 50%. The insurance company negotiates a price/coverage with each employer. They also decide when you are eligible. And watch out for the missing tooth clause: if the tooth is already missing they don't have to replace it.
Reply:Sounds like you are looking for a plan that has no annual

limits and is active immediately. I recommend

Reply:I have one of the Delta dental plans and have been happy with it.

I am getting a gold crown and my cost was $175 for everything.
Reply:I know of a plan that is a discount plan it's not insurance. the savings are from 20- 80 % off any work done by a dentist. It starts immediately and can be cancelled any time, but it is an awesome plan. I've saved alot by using it. It only costs $11.95 a month for one person or $19.95 amonth for your entire household. Go to
Reply:40 Great Dental Plans to Choose from with savings of up to 60% off expensive dental procedures. Just a reminder ask your dentist to give you a estimated cost of treamtment and compare this with what the dental insurance providers pay this can help you estimate your dental insurance costs versus your out of pocket expense and if you are saving and how much. Good Luck!

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