Saturday, May 15, 2010

Individual Dental Insurance?

I'm looking for individual dental insurance. Does anyone have any recomendations...

Individual Dental Insurance?
Insurance companies are making a profit over and above what they pay out to dentists. The cheapest form of insurance is for you to personally pay for two or three "cleanings" every year and stash away $50-$100 every month into a separate account so that should you ever need a filling or something more (root canal, crown etc.) you have the money available. This way you aren't funding the profits of a corporation. In Canada I checked into insurance a while ago and it was going to cost somewhere in the order of $300 per month for dental, Rx, and vision. I decided it wasn't worth it and that I would "self-insure".

We offer health discount plans and have an awesome Dental plan which includes chiropractic, vision and prescription. The Dental savings are from 50-86% and the plans can cover up to four people. The best thing is that we work with pre-existing conditions and cosmetic procedures, etc.

If you have questions contact me through the site. Good luck!!
Reply:this is a great one i use this and it saved me at least $3000 at my dentist

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