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Baby dental insurance coverage?

At what age did you first need dental care for your baby? Sorry if this seems silly but I really have no idea, and I want to make sure I have insurance before we need it.

Baby dental insurance coverage?
Honestly, whenever you're ready. I know of some people who took their baby when they cut their first tooth. Others wait until 2 or 3. I know someone else who took theirs at age 5 (which I think is too late) because they had to for his school papers. I'd say at around 3 is good unless you have issues. If baby knocks a tooth or has unusual mouth symptoms, then earlier.
Reply:you can take them as soon as they have teeth. but usual first visits are around 2 years. just make sure to take care of baby's teeth!
Reply:I got my son medical, dental and vision right away. There is no telling when he might need dental and vision.. they have their eyes tested again at age 6 months. They teeth at 5-7 months, so I'd have all my bases covered even this early if it were me.

Adding to your comment, I'd get it right at birth instead of waiting. Vision and dental are very inexpensive coverages so why wait and risk that something could go wrong. Your baby may have to have eye surgery or have something wrong with an incoming tooth well before a year. Why risk it?
Reply:Generally when teething starts ... 9 months and beyond ... latest 1 yr and beyond.
Reply:Our dentist would not see my grandson until he was 2.
Reply:I have 8 daughters. The youngest was EXTENSIVE dental surgery for an 18 month old. due to an accident involving cement steps and brand new teeth. Other wise The other girls were about 2 years for regular dentist exams.
Reply:its good to get it and have it incase you need it like if you baby gets some teeth and then falls and chips one

alot of dentis say that you dont need to bring them in untill they are 3 unless there is something that needes to be tended to before that
Reply:I actually asked my dentist about this when my oldest was a baby. She said, "People bring their kids in here when they first start getting teeth. But I think it's kind of silly to have their teeth checked before they even have all their teeth, don't you?" She told me to wait until my kids had 20 teeth (about 3 years old) before I worried too much about dental checkups.
Reply:My dentist said 1 yr old.
Reply:Go ahead and cover the baby from birth, no one can predict the future so you never know what may happen. Generally dental and vision coverage costs much less than medical, so it's worth the extra up front than to be hit with unexpected costs.

My son's pediatrician said no later than two years old for the first visit to the dentist. He does a basic check for the eyes with every visit.
Reply:We added my son at 4 years then we got him right in with a pediatric dentist.
Reply:You need to look at the timing of when your baby is born.

Most companies have an "open enrollment" time only once per year-- the time when you can make changes. A "life change" also means you can make the change at that point-- so you can either add baby at birth OR at the next open enrollment.

My daughter was born April 30th and open in enrollment starts November, so I'll enroll her then. However if open enrollment was a year away, I would have enrolled her at birth.

Your child should see a dentist as soon as teeth start coming in, so they can teach you how to properly care for her teeth. If open enrollment for your company is under 6 months away, you can wait until then.
Reply:Hi SugarLee,

I took my son to the dentist when he was two yrs old. He's seven now. The earlier you take them the better.

As far as your dental and vision needs go. Here is some info that someone shared with me that offers an affordable dental discount plan for your entire household with savings up to 80% for only $19.95/ month. The package includes dental, vision, prescription, and chiropractic services.

Here is the website. Check it out.

All the best with your pregnancy.


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