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Anyone know of an affordable individual health/dental insurance plan for Brooklyn, NY?

I no longer have school insurance and my work does not offer insurance. I am looking for an affordable health/dental insurance plan in Brooklyn, New York. Is dental included in medical insurance or is that separate? I don't want to spend $600-$1000 on a premium for an HMO, but would rather spend a few hundred a month while getting a decent amount of benefits. Also, does anyone know of a comparison chart online regarding details of insurance providers including premiums and benefits. All I can find are complaint comparison charts for insurance providers. Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Anyone know of an affordable individual health/dental insurance plan for Brooklyn, NY?
InsureMe Offers Tips for Online Health Insurance Shopping

Insurance shopping service provides tips for finding the right insurance.

Denver, CO (PRWEB via PRWeb) June 21, 2006 --With the nation’s uninsured at an estimated 45 million adults, InsureMe, the leading online insurance shopping service, is offering tips for using the Web to find health insurance that’s both affordable and provides sufficient coverage.

Before applying for health insurance quotes, InsureMe recommends looking into the types of health plans that are available, as well as identifying the coverages that the consumer needs from a policy, such as coverage for pre-existing or chronic conditions.

“Knowing what you need from the outset will help you find the right policy—and quicken the insurance shopping process,” says InsureMe president and former insurance agent, Tim McTavish.

Shoppers can find the health insurance information they need by visiting the InsureMe Insurance Resource Center, which contains health insurance information as it pertains to each state.

Comparing multiple policies and plan prices is also central to finding the right insurance; online insurance shopping services like now allow consumers to apply online and receive free health insurance quotes from local insurance agents. And while price is foremost on the minds of many shoppers, the company also encourages people to pay careful attention to plan coverages before selecting a policy.

Health insurance is best found by investing time, educating yourself and comparison shopping. InsureMe NetQuote %26amp; other sites are designed to be an invaluable resource for insurance shoppers like you in this process. Fill out our easy form, and you can get up to five insurance quotes from insurance agents who can help you make the best decision regarding your insurance. Once again, shop around, get multiple quotes, and learn all you can about a policy before you buy health insurance.

Ron @ InsureMe
Reply:I don't know any regular health insurance . Dental and health insurance is separaed. I don't think you can get both for few 100s a month.Hope this helps

to compare dental plan go here
Reply:my wife and I have used Ameriplan for 3 years now, we love it.This site has more info

Good luck!

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