Saturday, May 15, 2010

Will dental insurance cover any of the cost to have all of my teeth extracted and a denture made?

I am 25 years old almost all of my teeth are filled as deep as possible without a root canal. I don't have anywhere near enough money to root canal and cap all of them so once they are impossible to save without a root canal I want to have all of extracted and just get dentures made. I have dental insurance but I am unsure of how much they will cover if any of it and what the total cost will be.

Will dental insurance cover any of the cost to have all of my teeth extracted and a denture made?
I would encourage you to visit the following:

I signed up online over 3 years ago when I max out my limits on my dental insurance. They have saved me thousands of dollars. I use them for things that the insurance will not cover. All services are included. Xrays, exams, cleanings...etc. Even Dentures, orthodontic and cosmetic surgery. The plan is very affordable and had my benefits active in 2 hours. I was able to use it the same day. Good Luck and Hope this Helps.
Reply:Of course it depends on the insurance policy but if its seemingly voluntary, most insurance will NOT pay for it. They'll expect you to wait until you have a problem and then deal with each tooth as it happens.

It really doesn't sound like a good idea to have all your teeth extracted for no reason except a bad one ( even the financial one doesn't hold water ).
Reply:Are you nuts...keep your teeth as long as you can...they are not even promoting pulling that much any more since all the techniques they have to repair now...laser painless no drill etc. you are only could live to be 95 or more and with dentures so young you will only run into problems later on....your dental will cover most repair work and a root canal is not the end of the world....toothless at 25 is....are you unhealthy...poor teeth is a sign of a poor heart...beware of future heart attacks or are to young for this drastic measure...make an effort and take better care of the teeth you have.....

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