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Separation, divorce and health/dental insurance?

Through our marriage, my husband had the full-time job, and I was a stay-at-home mom for four years, then have worked a part-time job for the past year. He made a lot of money, I made enough to pay for childcare and have a little extra spending money of my own, and it was fine.

This past weekend, he decided he wanted to leave, without giving me ANY warning, and he's moving into his new apartment tomorrow. He WILL be paying child support in the form of my rent and car payment, which is actually a little more than the standard child support.

I've been on his health and dental insurance, and he emailed me this morning to let me know that I need to attend to all my medical stuff in the next few weeks, because he's dropping me from the insurance then.

Is it standard to do that, or to wait until the divorce is final, or at least FILED? I am looking for a new full-time job, don't have one yet, but I won't even qualify for most health insurance at work until a few months from now.

Separation, divorce and health/dental insurance?
Notify your husband that if drooped off your medical and God forbid you need medical attention, he will be libel for the costs since you are both still married. It is in his best interest to carry you on his coverage until you are divorced. Good Luck.
Reply:I don't understand why he would drop you from his insurance just like that. Actually i don't understand why he just up and left you - which to me is the much bigger question you should be thinking about. Unfortunately, its probably a mid life crisis, or an affair or both.

Is the insurance subsidized by his work, if it is then he probably doesn't contribute much to it for the family coverage.

Why don't you offer to make up the difference between single and family coverage. Or - be really nice to him and get him to pay for it, at least for the time being.
Reply:Although Mark is correct, the process of divorce takes longer than a few weeks.

He is attempting to meet the deadline for altering the enrollment plan within his company timeframe (usually at the end or beginning of the year).

I would do as suggested. Write him that IF he intends to drop you from his insurance, not only will he still be responsible for any medical bills which might arise based on marital property laws, but that if he proceeds and you are NOT able to enroll in such insurance, you will add to your complaint for divorce that he be required to maintain insurance on you and the children until such time as you can enroll in such coverage at your place of work or 1 year from the date of the divorce being granted.
Reply:My insurances wouldn't remove my X until they saw a copy of the divorce decree. That may be a thing from state to state. Check with the insurance company.
Reply:MY ex husband attempted to do with his old job.I was not working at all and he had always worked(HE was cheating on me and wanted to put me in a bad place so he would get custody).He was told by law(in Tennessee)that he can't just drop me and our son he would have to completely cancel the policy or show proof that we were divorced(divorce papers).I agree with the other answer if you have to get treatment or the kids between now and when the divorce is final not filed final he will have to pay.I would have it put in the divorce that he is to insure the children.You can buy your own private insurance though a couple of place you can goggle that.Also if you try to get state insurance Medicaid they will pursue child support no matter what bills he is paying for you.Don't take his word that he is going to pay those for you because what if he says all of the sudden f it.Than what.Get it all in writing.
Reply:After ur divorce is final you have 30 days to find your own insurance. So you can state in your divorce papers that he be required to pay alimony so that you can afford ur own. Make sure that your divorce papers state that he keep insurance on the kids, and he help pay their co-pays.
Reply:Please please PLEASE, go get an attorney if you haven't already. You NEED one. If you don't think you can afford one, you can look up your local legal aid hotline. If you can't find anything like that, call the local Bar Association. They will be able to point you in the right direction.

This proves that you can't trust him to follow up on his word. I mean seriously... trying to scare you like that and trying to get you off his insurance?!?! Did you beat him with the frying pan? Did you kill his parents? I seriously doubt it. For some reason he WANTS to hurt you. So you can't trust what he has promised to pay.

Get it all written on legal documents. You HAVE to. You NEED to. And your attorney will also be able to stop him from insurance fraud. He needs a qualifying event to take you off his insurance... at least as far as I know. It could vary from state to state.

And what a coward that he EMAILED it to you....

I think you are entitled to a LOT more than what he is giving you here.


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