Saturday, May 15, 2010

Dental discounts you can use with your current insurance?

I currently have pretty good dental insurance but I want to save more with fillings and crowns etc. Will the dentist let you use a dental discount plan w/ your current insurance?

Dental discounts you can use with your current insurance?
Dolly, That is a great question! There are 100 of thousands

of dentists just in the United States and they each run their

businesses in a different way. I have heard that some will

combine a discount plan like e Health Plus with the insurance

and give you a better price than any one plan would give you

on its own. Some

dentists will give you a price that is lower than negotiated.

It is a free country, so you will just have to try and see for

yourself. It is definitely possible to save more than what

your insurance would save you.
Reply:I doubt it. If the dentist has patients coming from dental insurance plans, why would they throw away a big portion of their fees by accepting these plans?

Do the math: most dental practices have between 65% to 70% overhead expenses. That means they are only making 30% to 35% profit after they pay the bills. Why would any reasonable person reduce the money they take home by half?

The only reason a dentist would give away their bread and butter is if they can't get patients any other way.
Reply:It definatley does depend on the dentist. The plan that I have works at participating dentists and does a pretty good job. e-mail me if you have any further questions.
Reply:If they are a participating provider

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